Feb 10, 2014

Indy turns 2

Our Indy Bear turned two this weekend. We decided to spend the day doing something fun together as a family. Especially since he had a big birthday fiesta last year. He hadn't been to SeaWorld yet, and since we had free one day passes, we thought it'd be a perfect day to use them. The kids all had a blast. Indy loved the "way-ohs." Before SeaWorld we took the fam to Casa Guadalajara and then after SeaWorld we had cake and a few gifts back home. I don't know how much he grasped that it was his actual birthday, but we sang to him and loved him up all day long. He definitely knows to throw up a little peace sign  and tell people he is two now. Success.

~Indy at Two~ 
He sings Happy Birthday perfectly.
He knows the difference between eyebrow and elbow, but says them the same. 
He's a climber.  
Favorite foods are Pizza, "meal" or oatmeal, mango squeeze pouches and gogurt. 
He's a peanut. I'll have to come back and record stats, but he's pretty shrimpy for two.
 He calls Daysen "Die-die." 
Brenner is "Brenny."
Zane is "Yane."
Daddy is still his favorite human. 
He communicates well and has great manners. 
Tantrums have begun. 
Favorite movies are The Lorax and Despicable Me 2.
He has a really cool eye trick and will do it on cue for attention. 
He's loved like crazy around here | A little ball of joy. 

Happy Birthday Indy Bear!

The End. 

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  1. The first photo of Indy... I die! Oh my goodness gracious. That cute boy of yours! Yay for the awesome two's..not terrible. AWESOME!