Mar 26, 2014

According to iPhone | 3.26.2014

Lately in Life...

I feel like my yard is in this weird place. Maybe it's gearing up for a big bloomfest. Maybe I've been too cheap to water everything sufficiently. I have a bunch of things I want to plant and clean up, but lately it's been an "ain't nobody got time for that" kind of situation. Freesia and Calla Lilies are still in bloom, though. My hass avocado trees are in bloom right now, too. Please, oh please let there be tons this year. I could eat them all day er'ry day!

We've been celebrating lots of birthdays lately. Kristi's and Erin's to name a few. 

 Our church starts at 1:00 and I still walk in 3 minutes late every week. I'm usually a punctual person but I suck at Sundays. I want to believe some day it'll be easier. I dislike that I hate Sundays. They've always given me anxiety. Maybe it's that Monday is looming or maybe it's that I'm in a constant state of terrified that someone will ask me to say something in front of a group of people. I hate that I have such intense fear up public speaking. It's crippling. Anyone have advice for someone like me? 
 Awww, Mondays. Sometimes we come home from the gym and eat snacks on the trampoline, while soaking up sun. 

 Indy has been a pretty fun little sidekick lately. He's talking more and becoming more independent. He's also throwing tantrums and showing all signs of two year old behavior. Awesome. Still, I'm glad I have my little Bear :) I miss my big boys all day in school so I love having him around. 

 My friend Lizzy came to visit for her Spring Break. We did the usual beach, Zoo, favorite restaurants, and all night girl's nights. I love and miss her so much. Thank goodness she comes to visit so often. My abs are alway sore the following week from all the laughing when she's here. #carrotpeeler #insidejokes 

 Brenner rocking a stache for a Mustache party. He almost looks Mexican. I love it. 
 Speaking of Mexicans. I'm still pinching myself about the Rodriguez's being back in San Diego. I love them so much. They're basically family...or familia. AND, we just found out she's having a GIRL. Excited doesn't even begin to explain. 
 Sunday Dinner on these rad glass plates I scored for nuttin at a yard sale. #winning

Bouncing blue eyed baby boy Boyd in stripes. 

It's almost Spring Break around here. San Diego is about to get crazy with tourists. We'll be out there in the crazy, too. Beach-Zoo-Park-Repeat. Happy Spring!

The End. 


  1. I loved this post! All the photos were so pretty and it was just plain old HAPPY! I'm excited for a summer of fun with you! Grateful to call you friend! xoxo

  2. "Speaking of Mexicans"... I don't know why but that made me laugh. You make me laugh. Ha! #carrotpeeler #creepysanta #wearegross #imissyou

  3. Hi lela
    Why not get up in front of your friends sometime and practice speaking about something you know about like your children or Sean. You will soon lose your fear with practice and preparation.