Apr 18, 2014

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Lately In Life...

Well, I have survived half-way through the month long spring break. Sean was gone underway for the first few weeks, but we managed to get some fun in. Visits to the zoo, beach, park, and Grandma's house are basically on repeat. 

We met up with Mary & Ryan and other NROTC friends in Balboa Park last week. I was overjoyed to meet their new baby girl, Little Miss Harper. Doing everything without Sean the last month has made me extra grateful for Daysen. He was my super-duper awesome side-kick. 

Here's what's blooming lately around Mi Casa.

The last few days of school before Spring Break might as well be called award season. Daysen won several. Brenner and Zane each won one. I'm so proud of those little buggers. I have a confession though--I hate award assemblies. I went to Daysen's, but lost steam for the little guys. Luckily, they were easily bribed with donut deals. I get to skip and they get donuts. 
 Daysen gave his first talk in Sacrament this month. NAILED it. In fact, I was WAY more nervous than he was. We were joking about how it's really common to introduce yourself and tell a joke the first time you speak in church. Daysen had a brilliant plan to walk up to the pulpit and say "Hi! I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!"-- followed by -- "Just kidding, my name is Daysen Boyd." 

I died. 

He kept such a straight face when he told me his plan and I lost it. I couldn't stop laughing. I ultimately decided it was indeed too funny for Sacrament.  
 Then there's Zane...
 Stephanie made this Strawberry Cake for Sunday Dinner. I'm still dreaming about it. Thank the heavens it's strawberry season!!!
 I made these cookies for an Auction. 
There's a great story that goes along with them, but I think I'll just directly quote my email to Sean describing the experience. 

I had to bake cookies for an auction at the church tonight. There was a fundraiser to earn money for the scouts and young women to go to camp. I dragged all the kids down there at 7 o'clock at night and fed them ice cream and chased them around the church ...THEN, right before they're about to do all the auctioning, someone tapped me on the shoulder and told me one of my children is having a situation in the bathroom.

Not. Good.

I ran to the men's restroom to find Zane covered in diarrhea, the floor covered in diarrhea, and a pile of his clothes on the floor covered in diarrhea. There was a lot of diarrhea. It smelled awful. It looked awful. It was awful.

Since I didn't have a wing man, I had Stephanie watch Indy, Brenner run for supplies, and Daysen stand watch at the door. I told him not to let anyone in or it would be his life! So there I was for an hour and a half, cleaning poop with paper towels and hand soap. Swearing up a storm. Awesome.

We finally got everyone loaded in the car, Zane was clean and wearing just my hoodie and flip-flops, so we decided to go drive thru Sonic to get some dinner. As we pulled up and were ordering, Zane starts screaming bloodcurdling screams. The worst I've ever heard. He had been teasing Indy and apparently Indy retaliated by biting his finger. He almost bit through his finger!! Not really, but it was purple and swollen with deep teeth marks.

You're laughing aren't you?

It's not funny!!!

Stop laughing.


Here are some other yummy things that we've been noshing on lately. 

Then FINALLY, Sean came home. It was awesome. We all squealed and hugged and then Daddy took us to Casa Guadalajara. I wish non-military families could experience the joy of a homecoming. Even a short one. It's the best. 

Of note: Indy has decided to be a nudist. I hate it. If I find one more turd or puddle of pee....GRRRRR!
 Happy Indy. 
 Sleepy Indy. 
 Butt-crack Indy. 

 Haircut for Indy. 

 Naked Indy. 
  I love this kid. 
My dear friend, Linda, moved away recently. She and her husband were some of the first people we met when we moved here ten years ago. They are the some of my favorite people on earth. Truly Christ-like souls. Upon their departure, Linda gave me a few things, one being this vintage radio cabinet. I decided to paint it a mossy green and use it for a TV Stand in my room. Now I always think of her when I see it, and I love that. 

I really think baby Jack looks like Brenner. Do you see it? They could be brothers!
 Indy, not so much. These cuties are such good pals, though!
Well, that was winded. I need to be better about breaking things up, but I've hit a lazy patch. 
I'll work on it. 

The End. 


  1. I don't know you... but I wish I did! You seem like such a terrific mom to your handsome boys. This post had me laughing through to the end :) As a mom to "only" three boys myself, I envy your fun-loving, patient nature. I have one who keeps me on my toes in more ways than one, and boy can it be challenging some days!

    1. Awww, thanks Kate! I wish I knew you, too :) I LOVE nice people and you seem awfully nice!