Mar 5, 2014

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Lately in Life...

If you follow me on Instagram, some of these pictures will probably be boringly repetitive. Sorry. Well kinda sorry. Not really though. Aren't these flowers fabby? Every week there is something NEW blooming in my yard, and clearly I feel some obligatory need to photograph them. Flowers make me happy I guess. 
Anja requested a rainbow cake for her birthday, and since Erin is a ridiculously talented baker, she made the perfect little rainbow cake you ever did see. It only took all day long. If kids only knew. I helped out with the topper and licking frosting off utensils. I'm a great assistant. 
 We snuck in a Zoo day with Indy and Signe before the rains came. The hummingbirds were friendly and the "Dumbos" made Indy very, very happy. 

 So, yes. Jennline aka "Yenny" has moved back to San Diego. I still can't believe it's real. We went to din din for Dave's birthday. Man, I love them. 
 While waiting for my hair to process, Indy hopped up into Kristi's chair  so she could put in some piggy tales. He looked pleased as he admired his hair in the mirror. I know, I know. I need a girl. Tell me about it. 
 After the whole fam got eye exams, we ended up needing to get Daysen some glasses. Zane tried his darndest to lie to the Doctor, all in the name of vanity. He wanted these hipster glasses something fierce. Sorry bro, $200 fashion frames ain't  happening. 

 Then he won several awards lookin' all smart. He just got selected for student of the month, too. That kid. He's a saint. 
 My friend Jordan had a SUPER cute Dr. Seuss party in celebration of his 110th birthday. Complete with green eggs & ham, pink yink ink drink and all other Dr. Seussish things. I made a Truffula fruit tray and Erin made Some rainbow bread that was mesmerizingly perfect. 

 I think every color of Ranunculus has popped up around my yard. This peach is my favorite so far. 
The rains have been great but I'm sure happy to have the sunshine back. I'm extra excited for the time change on Sunday, which means more light in the evenings. I'm ready for BBQ season already. Yes, yes, YES!

The end. 

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  1. 1. Yay that Jenny moved back to SD! Lucky girl and lucky you! I bet you guys are having tons of fun - I'm jealous!

    2. That picture of your fruit tray is PPIEW. Submit it to a food magazine already!