Mar 5, 2014

13 Years

Sean and I celebrated our 13 year anniversary last week. I usually have just one request when it comes to my Anniversary...I want to go out to a nice dinner. I'm easy, huh? We didn't have time for gifts or cards this year, and I did feel the teensiest bit bad about that. I did, however, unplug the clogged sink in the master bathroom. Winning

Someone ordered airplane hearts over my house that day, so I just pretended they were from Sean. If he were to actually pay real money for that, I might murder him. After 13 years, he's a smart enough hubster to know better. 
A Sonic finally opened up in San Diego and ON my anniversary. So, as an anniversary gift to ME, I got a big fat Dirty Dr Pepper and then picked myself some flowers from my yard. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.
 Sean and I always go to Fleming's for our anniversary. They haven't let us down yet--very romantical and the food is top notch. I think American Express caught on that we go every year on our Anni, because they sent us a $40 off coupon to Fleming's the day before our anniversary. Couple that with the fact that Costco sells $100 Fleming's gift cards for $80 and it was basically the same price as Applebee's. Winning. 

After dinner we went to our favorite foot massage place where I got the best head rub ever in life. Just check out all that volume.
I love Sean, but I really LIKE him too. He's funny and interesting and super fun to be around. Of all my besties, he's number one. Love you, Boo!

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  1. A very deserving night for you two! You can't beat a fancy dinner and a massage on your anniversary, especially coupled with 4 boys you corralled all day!
    PS-- Have you ever been to C-Level down on the water in Downtown? We need to go there on a group date or something. I feel like you two would LOVE it. (And, same thing. Costco sells the gift cards! Boom!)