Apr 23, 2014

Brenner Turns 9

 My Brenny turned nine this weekend. Every time I sit down and think about my kids individually, my heart really swells. For those focused moments, I'm pretty sure they're my favorite child. 
~ Brenner at 9 ~

He's a ninja. He's constantly doing ninja moves all over the house. Whilst ninja-ing, he's in his own little imaginative ninja world.

He's a self proclaimed "fruitarian." He eats mostly fruit. I'd say 95% of his diet is fruit. Pears being his favorite. 

He's a Lego master.

He's constantly drawing up blueprints for weapons he wants to invent. He recently told me that the laws of physics are annoying when trying to design things. 

He loves jokes and cat videos and anything funny.

He loves Transformers. 

He continues to be the dream boy of little girls everywhere. 
Brenner this year.
His actual birthday was Easter Sunday, so Sean took the boys bowling on Saturday to celebrate. He didn't bowl well and he wasn't happy about it.

 On Easter, I made him a Strawberry Shortcake Cake, per his request. It 'twas nummy. 

I love this guy so much. He's fun, helpful, smart, creative, kind and an all around amazing person. So blessed to call him mine. 


  1. I love Brenner! He is soo handsome in those first two photos! No wonder every little girl wants to be his girlfriend. Keep nija-ing bro. You are awesome!

  2. Oh, Brenner, you ninja you! He's just so dang dashing! Happy birthday buddy!