Apr 25, 2014

Granola Night

As I've mentioned before, I have the rad job of planning activities for our women's group at church. I've been really excited about this one for a while now. My friend, Mary, gave a wonderful presentation several years ago about natural health and how to use essential oils and herbs in your home. Since then, we have a whole new group of women who are interested in her expertise. SO. We decided to have a granola night. Granola being someone who is into natural health & healing. ALSO, Granola being My Yummy Coconut Granola Recipe served up in a granola bar. Boom! 

 Mary did an excellent job with her presentation! She has had over 12 years of experience using essential oils and herbs in her home. Her children have never been on antibiotics and are experts themselves on using natural remedies for relief of all the common ailments kids experience. She has taken several classes on essential oils and she is currently a certified Family Herbalist and is continuing her studies so she can become a Master Herbalist. So many families (ours included) have benefited from her knowledge. I am so thrilled that she is starting a business to continue to help other families. Her business name is Your Family Herbalist and she will be doing consultations, teaching classes, and selling herbs and oils. I can't wait! She had a beautiful display of products and samples for everyone to take home. She answered questions and gave a great list of the most used & favorited essential oils. All of them I have and LOVE!

*Favorite pure oils being Lavender, Frankincense, Lemon, and Peppermint. Favorite blends being Joy, Thieves, Purification, Valor, Panaway and Peace and Calming.* 
 Becca Boo helped me with EVERYTHING! I'm so grateful to have her. She's amazing. Go team!

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  1. YOU ROCK! Your delicious granola and Mary made this activity awesome! :) xoxo