Apr 27, 2014

Zane Turns 6

Zane turned six on Saturday. Oh Zane. So many things to say, but so many things I shouldn't. It should not come as a shock that he challenges me. He's allllll boy. He's wild, dangerous, adventurous, messy, he breaks things, he's always dirty, he's girl crazy and he likes to constantly go missing. His belongings go missing, too. He's lost 6 matches to flip-flops over spring break.
Don't let #2 and #5 fool you. They're both rights. 
BUT. Zane is awesome.

~ Here are some things about Zane this year ~

He is the best big brother to Indy. He plays with him and gives him constant attention. 

He can do pull-ups. Like legit pull-ups. It's impressive.

He loves to go to the beach and ride any and all things with wheels.

He loves building forts with blankets and singing opera. 

His favorite foods are, "chicken, fish and bread with Nutella."

He's fearless when it comes to making friends. 

Favorite movie and song, "Pacific Rim and Sha la la live for today."
Zane this year.
We celebrated with traditional breakfast baked goods and then spent the day up at the Safari Park. The kids loved it! I think their favorite thing was riding the tram around the park. 

We didn't have time for cake so he picked cotton candy instead. 

Happy Birthday, Zaners! 


  1. I love that you do these personal updates on each boy's birthday. I also love that crazy Zane! Happy birthday my little bubble-invading buddy! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Zane! I love how he is so independent! I'm dying about the flip flop situation....haha!

  3. Happy Birthday, Zane! He's so independent and I love that! I'm dying over the flip flop situation...where do they all go?!