May 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

It's kind of cruel that Mother's Day is on a Sunday. A day, for me anyway, that is not exactly fun and relaxing. Sean was away for work, so the kiddies and I got ready and went to church solo. They were super sweet and helpful all day, which was definitely the best gift they could have given. 

I actually had a relatively chill Sunday morning. Which is not typical. I even arrived at church 15 minutes early, which is also not typical. None the less, I sabotaged my own success by accidentally locking Indy (along with my purse containing keys and phone) in the CAR! Luckily, the menfolk at church coordinated a fast operation of breaking into my house and bringing my spare keys. Indy was only in the car for a few minutes and it wasn't that hot (thank GOODNESS). I still cried and felt horrible, because that's what moms do. Indy paid me back by soaking me and him in pee during church. 
I didn't want to work that hard making dinner, so we planned an easy potluck of spaghetti, bread and salad with friends. 

Easy to make. Everyone likes it. Easy clean up. Boom. 

 Earlier this week my friend Lizzy texted a picture of a cute Mother's Day card she painted for her mom. I loved it and was feeling so inspired to do something nice (other than a text) for my mom this year, too. Yeah... I painted this funny card for my mom and then never sent it. I guess I'm not that awesome. I did, however send my mom a picture of it with all my good intentions. 
 That's one of the things I love about my mom (that she got from her mom). They are both SO laid back and would never guilt me for anything! They know I love them to the moon and that's enough.

For my own record keeping, here are some pictures of the Mother's Day art I received from the kiddies. Not pictured was a cinnamon roll that Daysen brought home from my favorite bakery. That boy is a keeper. 

From Zane
From Brenner
From Brenner
Brenner's card and art were in this bag. He handed it to me and said, "Happy Mother's Day. Sorry I spelled Mother's wrong."... then walks off. I had a good laugh at that one.
Indy brought me this single lavender flower from the yard and said, "es for YOU, Momma!!"
I felt loved. 

The End. 

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