May 19, 2014

According to iPhone | 5.19.2014


Cookies, friends and sunshine. That's what's been getting us through when Daddy has been away.
Jack + Indy. Besties make things better. 
 Speaking of Daddy being away. Sean has been in-and-out quite a bit for work. Indy has basically gotten to the point where when Daddy leaves the house with a backpack or luggage it's a full blown sitch. It's really sad, but also kind of cute. That boy sure loves his Daddy. 
I posted this picture on instagram of a dead lizard the kids dragged in. Then a few days later, a friend shared a link to a funny little article about the joys of boys that included this picture. Pretty accurate depictions of boy shenanigans. 
Indy with his best Jack Black face.
 I slacked on teacher appreciation week this year. I had plenty of grand plans that fell through, but luckily a friend posted this idea and I whipped these up 12 minutes before school got out on Friday. Yay Pinterest! My kids really do have the BEST teachers.

Mother's Day was awesome. My boys have been so good to me while Sean has been gone. 
Indy peeled a cutie orange and brought it to me on a spoon rest for breakfast. You bet I ate those mashed up orange pieces. Do you like my garbage and crumbs in the background? Housekeeping has been suffering lately. 
 Why has housekeeping been suffering? Because it's been HOT. So, instead we go to the beach and shurk all responsibilities. 

Zane reciting poetry. 

 Oh Indy. Why?!?!? Why do you want to wear underwear with no intention of pooping or peeing in the toilet. I'm a turd chaser. It's awesome. 
Which reminds me. Wise words to not forget...
The End. 


  1. Your little family... you guys are the best. Too many cute things to comment on but, seriously, Indy standing on his tippy-toes with that hat on and a sucker in hand? Dang.

  2. Love you guys! I love that Indy brought you breakfast! He's saying, "Thanks for picking up my poo Ma!"

  3. Your family is seriously amazing, and you're such a great mom. We miss you guys!