Jun 16, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Father's Day just happened to be a father-less day this year (dang underways) but, it wouldn't be complete without some celebrating of our hunky papa. I'm sure it was hardest on Indy. Poor guy bawled his eyes out when Sean left. He's constantly asking for Daddy and then tells me in a teary voice, "I wanna hug em." I sent Sean a Father's Day email with a message (verbatim) from each of the boys - all very cute of course. My favorite line was from Zane's message - "Ummm Dad, can you take a picture of a dolphin if you find one? Yeah, cause I like dolphins."

We spent Father's Day up with family in Orange County and I never got a chance to actually call my dad or Sean's dad - I'm horrid at that stuff. Luckily, they're forgiving of my brainlessness. I can always blame it on the kids I guess. Happy Father's Day you old farts. We love you both to the moon!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Sean being the best father of all time. Watching my true love be the everything to my babies has been the greatest joy of my life. There is nothing. NOTHING. More attractive than a good dad. He's a keeper.  

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