Jun 21, 2014

The Fam Bam

My family came down to Orange County to visit this week. They spoiled us rotten with several days of good food and fun. Seeing as there was much to be celebrated this week, it was a must they came down here to do it. My brother, Spencer, just arrived home from a 2 year mission in Mississippi - Christina, my youngest sibling of eight kids, just graduated high school - My Mom, sister Mary and cousin Jenelle all had birthdays - and my niece and nephew, Mylee and Kannon are visiting from Maui for the summer.  

 Here's the crew at Knott's Berry Farm. My parents took the littles on kiddy rides all day long so we could ride the fun stuff. I really wish my parents lived here...they're the best. THE best.   
 These handsome boys are the oldest grandsons. I love them so. 
 Grandpa bought the boys these rad hero t-shirts and they haven't taken them off since. It's been days...days. Kids are gross. 

 Cousins don't shake hands, cousins gotta hug!!

 Spencer is the favoritest uncle to climb on. He's built like an ox!


 Oh Kale, how I love him. I have to gush about my big bro because that Irish twin of mine is just the best. He spoiled us all week, took care of kids, made breakfast and brought roses for my Mom's birthday, planned and set up a super fun beach day - From gourmet hot dogs to paddle boards and surfboards for the kids. He took care of it all. We just showed up and had a blast. He's kinda my hero. Always has been. 

It went by way too fast but we loved every minute. I love my family so very much. I don't know how I got so lucky to have them, but I'm so blessed to call them mine. 


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