Jun 22, 2014


I met up with Lisette and my brother Kale's kiddos in Temecula this weekend. It was a nice half-way point between OC and SD. I hadn't really explored up there much, but had heard some great things about the area recently. Wow, was I surprised. What a cute place!

 We met up for lunch at Public House in Old Town Temecula. The food was deeee-lish. The goat cheese grilled toast was EPIC. I'm making a trip to the groc for goat cheese and sourdough tomorrow. Must. Eat. Daily. 

 Yoga on a dirty restaurant floor, anyone?

After lunch and meandering through busy old town; we drove up the street to the cutest little blueberry farm. It was late in the blueberry season, so we had to search a little harder than usual. The kids had fun though. We definitely ate our money's worth in berries whilst filling our baskets. 

You know - Sometimes the guys will tease the women for demanding pictures of events and outings; but with my horrid memory, I'm so glad I just do it anyway. Besides, photography and blogging are my creative outlet, and dammit I'll do what I want. So glad I have these memories saved. 

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  1. This place is so cute and quaint! I think I might need to trek out there!