Jun 28, 2014


My sista Maise, lovingly called Muffin, came to visit from Maui this week. Muffin and I have a special sista situation. I love her to death - cherish our love - and will always consider her to be my big sis and Auntie to my babies. She's a keeper. Potty mouth and all :)

The first 3 days she was here, her kids were up with Kale in OC, Daysen was at scout camp, and B and Z were in school. SOOO, we decided to take Indy Bear along for a few days of fun. We beached it in Coronado, moseyed around the mall, kayaked the bay in Point Loma, and had amazing meals at my favorite spots. 

I even made her some nummy vegetarian dishes. 

Then there was that time we had In-n-Out and she had meat. When in Rome...

Kale brought Kannon and Mylee down on Thursday and we took all the minions to the zoo. I was glad our kids got one last day together. It's devastating having their cousins a whole ocean away. 

The peacocks were out in full force. I couldn't get enough pictures of the vibrant and mesmerizing colors. I really wanted to pluck a peacock feather off of one. I'm not gonna lie - I considered it. 

Indy the snuggly koala bear. Naturally. 

They were all supposed to fly out early Friday morning for a family reunion in Idaho. BUT, that didn't go down as planned. #oops. Luckily, they were able to catch an evening flight that day so we played in San Diego some more and I curled Mylee's hair, as promised. 

I love those Maui dwelling hippies. I wish I could turn them all into Polly Pockets and keep them with me always. 

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