Jun 29, 2014

Pray Always

This might be completely cheesy, but I felt impressed to share anyway - so bare with me. Yesterday morning as I headed to the beach for an escape, I turned on the car to Simon & Garfunkel blasting through the speakers, singing this verse...

"Jesus loves you more than you will know.
God bless you, please, Mrs. Robinson.
Heaven holds a place for those who pray." 

I felt tears well up in my eyes as I thought about how I was feeling so overwhelmed. Always so much to do, so alone without Sean and so crippled by my OCD tendencies. I kind of let my mind wander into prayer. Pleading for some relief from the burdens I've been feeling. Although, my problems seem small in comparison to the seemingly real life problems of others, I wanted God to know that they were hard on me and that I just needed some love - to feel like He cared about my little problems. 

I arrived at the beach to meet a friend - a fellow Navy wife who is pregnant with toddler in tow. Her husband is away as well, but for an entire year. A WHOLE year - and not for the first time. We sat in our chairs and talked about the difficulties we face. Completely understanding of each other's pain. It's important ya know? - To have someone understand what you're going through. She just so happens to be a therapist, so I was able to talk to her about some of my anxiety issues too. I needed that. I think she needed it - and I'm sure God knew we both needed it. Blessing number one. 

On our way home from the beach another friend sent a text inviting us over for dinner. I accepted and offered to help by bringing something. She wouldn't allow it and essentially said, "just get your buns over here in stretchy pants." That's love people. My love language had been spoken - dinner in our stretchy pants was wonderful and my heart was beginning to feel full. Blessing number two. 

During dinner I walked Brenner a few doors down to a birthday party he had been invited to - The coolest Harry Potter party that ever was. We are good friends with this family, so as I walked to pick Brenner up afterwards, we all chatted there on the sidewalk under the blooming magnolia tree. This friend's husband asked how I was doing with Sean gone (side note: this can be a dangerous thing to ask a Navy wife - be prepared for tears). I kept composure and kind of joked about how things kind of fall apart when he leaves; like how my toilet had been clogged for a few days. He immediately offered to come fix it and said he'd run and grab supplies and be over in an hour. He did just that- he came right over and fixed my broken toilet. A knight in shining armor; the armor being plumbing tools. Blessing number three. 

Sometimes my feelings are hard to articulate. I get so in my head about things. I get so frustrated. I let negativity win; and I hate that. I'm blessed yet again to have a husband who has a magical way with words and had just sent me some emails of encouragement, with this reminder...

"Don't forget that you can enjoy life without holding your breath for that future "Can't wait" moment. Remember, THESE are the good ol' days baby. We're living our lives and I always hope we can recognize and live in the moments that are passing us by.  If we're not in the right frame of mind we'll miss them."

I feel loved. I feel like God answered my prayers, as He always does, through His children who are all around me. My heart is full today - Filled with gratitude and peace. Never underestimate the power of prayer and of course, a good Simon & Garfunkel song...


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    1. Thanks Love! I do feel loved and I appreciate it so much! Love you, too!

  2. I love that you shared this. I'm so glad that you know where to turn for strength and that the people around you know how to help God answer your prayers. I wish everyone knew they could pray for help.