Jul 3, 2014

Open House | Brenner + Zane

We attended Brenner and Zane's open house at the school last night. I do have safe-keep totes where I store the kids favorite pieces of writing and art from throughout the year, but I thought it best to document a few things here as well. I realize these posts aren't the most exciting, but this is my family journal, so, ya know...

I love that my boys look like brothers but all look different.
 "Unique, New York." 
 Brenner created a PowerPoint presentation on his school computer all about Babe Ruth (I don't even know how to use PowerPoint - kinda embarrassing). 

 Poems and art by Brenner. 

 His teachers, Mrs. Albers and Mrs. Sanders. They were Daysen's third grade teachers too, and they're the BEST!


Next up - Zane and his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Pincus. 

 Zane and his classmates did a little poem presentation. Too cute. 
 Then he showed off his cartwheel skills. I mean, there were girls there. So yeah. 

 Then Indy was like, "Yeah, I'm exhausted." 
The End. 

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