Jul 29, 2014

Annye's viaje en Bolivia

My sweet Mother-in-law, Annye Love, recently went on a Methodist music mission to La Paz, Bolivia, with a team of 12 from Tulsa, OK. As a bilingual and music teacher she was a valuable resource to the team and I'm quite sure an immense blessing to the people there. She has always had a passion for teaching, serving and loving (Annye LOVE after all). 

I'm so proud of her and wanted to share some pictures of her trip and some of the handmade gifts she brought back for our family. She is visiting us in San Diego for the last few weeks before Sean gets home, and before heading off  to Vermont to attend a Masters Program for "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages." - or TESOL. Her gypsy blood sure keeps her on the move! I love her so much. I shall squeeze her and put her to work doing laundry and reading to kids. Trips to the beach, zoo and Seaport Village are on the agenda! JOY! 

Annye writes of her trip - "The people are intelligent and open.  They want to learn English (many of them already speak two languages), and they want native speakers so they can learn well.  So that's my impetus.  I think they will teach me more the matters of Spirit and Heart, as their waters run so deep already.  They are a patient people, thank goodness! I feel so grateful that God has finally swung the pasture gate open for me to be able to fulfill my desire to help and serve.  Timing is everything, along with our personal and spiritual readiness.  And sometimes it's a simple matter of waiting for other pieces of the puzzle to fall into place as well.  But God will definitely give us the true desires of our hearts. Only fear can block us, but as we work on our inner selves, simultaneously, God is also working on our right place to be.  It's amazing how all these things work together!"

  Annye brought back handmade souvenirs from Bolivia. All colorful and fun. I'm in love with Indy's hat and my pink alpaca poncho. Be jealous!

This handmade embroidery was a gift to Annye for her service in the Pastor's music conference. 

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