Jul 27, 2014

Ups & Downs

It seems as though we're sent to this beautiful little blue planet to learn a bunch of crazy life lessons. Which inevitably consists of a whole lot of ups and downs. Gosh life is hard, but isn't it just so good, too? I have a lot of people in my life experiencing ups and downs right now (myself included). It breaks my heart, but inspires me to be better and to be grateful. I hate to see suffering - especially from friends and family I love (you all know who you are), but it's nice to know you're not alone, right?. As much as I try to share on here, the joyful memories and beautiful things in my life. BELIEVE me, it can get rough. Things get ugly. No one's life is perfect. I can't tell you all my troubles because you might think I'm a crazy lady and disassociate yourself from me completely (don't do it!!!). So, I'll just share some little ups and downs from my weekend so you'll know you're not alone. 

My weekend began with a downer in the ER at 3 am. Indy had a bad flare up of asthma in the night that I couldn't get under control. They did a chest x-ray and it looks like his attack was brought on by some water he aspirated while swimming. It sucks seeing your kids suffer. 
 But - We're so blessed to have modern and natural medicine to heal our little ones and bring us all back up. 
Sometimes ups bring you down. Like crazy high gas prices and high heat and humidity. Luckily, Sunday morning brought a little rain and some thunderstorms. Sunday also brought inspiring messages on the joy of serving those around you and a friend who is so in tune with that knowledge that she blessed my day with her incredible kindness. 
 A definite down for me, was the mountain of clean laundry piling on the guest bed (quit judging me - I know there's 17 loads there). I hate laundry so much. I really wanted to get it folded before my friend Lizzy came to visit, but I couldn't force myself to do it. So, I tossed it all in the crib and just decided to be grateful I have wonderful friends that don't judge my laundry inadequacies. Instead of doing laundry, I had the best ever massage, from a friend who's an incredibly amazing massage therapist. Then, I dealt with my clogged toilet (yet again), broken dishwasher and kids who decided to go on a wild naughty streak. 
We also found a spider adorning my messy baseboards. Two things I despise. I'm trying so hard to find a balance of accepting the things I can't tend to every moment and letting my OCD destroy me. There are unavoidable imperfections that come from living a crazy busy life with four boys and no husband around. Ups & downs people - The struggle is real!
But - Then you have amazing lunch dates and girl's nights with your very favorite women in the world and you cry, laugh, vent and then snuggle newborn babies and eat yummy food - which is the best therapy ever. Plus, when Lizzy comes to stay, she always brings me a gift and she gives the BEST gifts. Like gourmet cookies. Joy.
Did you know a pizza salad sandwich can make everything better?!? It can. 
So can fresh baby snuggles. 
...and so can cookies. 
I guess what I'm trying to say is that, I feel ya. I get it. These things I've shared here are trivial, but we all have a rough go at getting through life. Different trials at different times, but we all have them. Remember to be loving and compassionate. For...

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