Jul 22, 2014

School's Out

Sean used to always give me grief because I wouldn't order those ridiculously ugly and expensive school portraits. No joke - it would've been over $200 for all the kids to get Fall and Spring pictures. Pictures I always hate anyway! We finally made an agreement a few years back, that if I could buy a good camera and lens, that I would take pictures of the kidlets on their first and last day of school each year. So, here I am, fulfilling my obligation. Ha ha! It's actually something I like to document anyway. It's fun to see how much they grow in a school year. 

We are in year-round elementary here in San Diego, so Brenner just finished 3rd grade and Zane finished up Kindergarten. They both had a great year, with great teachers. So proud of these buggers. 

 Me - "Hey, Zane, make a nice face." 

Zane - "No Mom, how 'bout I just do ninja stuff."

Me - "Uhhh, okay then."

Succulents for their wonderful teachers. I'm telling you - a good teacher is priceless. I'm so grateful my kids have been blessed to continuously get all the greatest ones! Love you, Mrs. Sanders, Albers and Pincus!!!
The End. 

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