Jul 18, 2014


My friends, David & Jenniline, welcomed their sweet baby girl, Little Miss Olive, into the world this morning. Poor Jenny was overdue and starting to get desperate - Sooooo. I agreed to take some Castor oil with her in the evening and by the next morning baby-girl Olive was here. Well, and consequently I was a few pounds lighter :) It all happened so fast that I missed the birth while at the gym early in the morning. This would be the second time I've taken Castor oil with Jenniline. See, the thing about Jenny is - She doesn't like doing things alone.

Insert funny memory...

Jenny and I used to work together. We would drive home after work to my house together in one car instead of taking both of our own cars. Even though we'd end up having to go back for the other car later. Sean would tease us relentlessly. He would say, "Did you guys do the stupid thing again?" So yeah, the "stupid thing" made perfect sense to us, seeing as we don't like to be without eachother. Duh! Who wants to drive home from work alone?

I was blessed to meet 7 pound 1 ounce Olive this morning. She is perfect and calm - hairy and soft. She is lighter skinned than her brothers, but has lots of shiny dark hair. She's  a mix of Mexican, White and Filipino. Which is basically the best recipe ever for making super cute kids. I think she looks like Jenny - Such a pretty and petite little thing. I wanted to SQUEEZE her. Squeeze her hard. I refrained, though. I kissed and smothered her plenty. Welcome to the world AND your crazy wonderful family, Miss Olive. You'll be loved and smothered lots!

What's cuter than a newborn getting some Snack-Snack? It's a beautiful thing! 

Oh, and lots of skin-to-skin snuggles. I must be baby hungry because I wanted to stuff her warm baby self in my shirt to snugg it up. 

Also, it's tradition to bring new mom friends California Burritos after they give birth. You bet I showed up with the goods in hand.
I love them. The End. 

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