Jul 13, 2014

According to iPhone | 7.13.2014

It's summer!!! - Well kind of. It's the season of summer, but half of my kiddos are still in school for another week. It's already been full and fun - hard and exhausting. 

I've been a laze-ball when it come to my yard & garden; but the heat has been drying everything up anyway. Plus, there's a darn possum (the kids named Steve) who sneaks in at night and eats my strawberries and tomatoes! If I find him, there will be a possum murder on my conscience. I love plants. I guess which is why it's a must for me to have fresh flowers in the house. It's all so therapeutic to me. Ya know?

 Indy will sit down with my iPad and go through my photo stream of pictures; searching until he finds all the ones of him and Sean. I'll hear him say, "It's Indy! It's daddy! I miss him...wanna hug em." He finds the couple pictures I took of them saying goodbye on the pier and will tell me, "I'm sad. Daddy took his backpack on da boat Mommy." Poor peanut. Deployments are rough man. 
 My friend Jordan threw the BEST Harry Potter party for her daughter and I had to snag some pictures to share. This girl is so crazy talented! I know all my fellow HP fans will love this. 
 We beach. We beach A LOT. It's just the perfect escape from chores and lists and the kids love it so darn much. I don't know how long we'll be in San Diego, but I want to make sure we beached as much as we possibly could. Here Indy streaks in front of an entire ceremony (not pictured) going on in Coronado. I had to chase him down the beach - screaming like a crazy lady.

 I recently took (an admittedly scary) plunge, and put it out there into the world that I'm a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. It almost makes me want to cry my eyes out - I can't believe how nice, supportive and excited the reactions have been. I'm MOSTLY happy that everyone is loving using them as much as I do - but I ain't sad about makin' some extra moo-lah too :) Y'all are so great. Bum squeezes all around. 
The Boyd boys continue to be handsome and wild - silly and difficult. I love those boys like crazy. BUT, I'm not going to lie about the daydreaming of girl's trips that happens as my head hits the pillow each night. Momming is hard business. 

 Annnnd, I just ordered a new camera. How am I ever gonna get a handle on my swearing problem when stuff like this is constantly happening?!?! I'm really determined to master shooting in manual. Send me all your best links to tutorials. Ready GO!
 The End. 

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