Jul 7, 2014

The 4th

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes the 4th of July in San Diego is a giant pain. Fighting crowds with kids is not my favorite thing to do - so we often spend the 4th BBQing instead. Luckily, my friends were down to brave the chaos, which made it easy to decide for me to do it too. It ended up being perfect. We headed to Breaker's Beach on the Naval Base in Coronado for the whole day. I must say, seeing the insanely crowded civilian beach just down from us made me thankful for military perks. Then as evening came, we drove over on base to the bay side for the Big Bay Boom. We parked our chairs right in front of where Sean's carrier is usually parked. We had a perfectly unobstructed view of the fireworks and downtown skyline in the background. Kids. Went. Bananas. 

It made it that much better that I didn't have to spend the holiday alone, since Sean is away right now. The Meilsoes, Smiths and Bakers all made it all so much fun. I love them.
Daysen, Brenner and Zane boogie boarded for the entire day. I think a total of 6 hours straight. Those boys are definitely mine! Erin and I took a turn for a while when the waves got huge towards sunset. The waves were so killer that we both kept losing our swimsuits. She'd lose a top, I'd lose a bottom. I actually caught my bottoms with my toes on one wave. That would've been a fun sitch to deal with. 

Funny story - As Erin and I were clearly having trouble keeping our suits on, we looked up to see a lifeguard swimming towards us in full blown rescue speed. As Erin reached her hand up to wave that we were okay, she fell backwards after thinking we were shallow enough that she could stand. So yeah, she just looked even more like she was drowning. He swam right up to us and we were like, "No really, we're okay." I suspect he was hoping to see some booty as we rode the waves in.

Sweet Cora's first beach day - Lulled to sleep by the waves.


  1. The waves were HUGE on Friday! It was so much fun! :) You are a rockstar for doing a full beach day and then fireworks with no shower in between. Um...sand ass is my #1 pet peeve.

    1. Me TOOOOO, Becca! They actually have pretty nice showers on the beach on base. We brought baby shampoo and gave our butt cracks a good washing :)