Aug 10, 2014

According to iPhone | 8.10.2014

This summer shall surely be remembered as, "The summer of Coronado." There are plenty of fun beaches in San Diego, but I've really taken a liking to going to Breaker's Beach on base. I love that it's a quiet private beach - Sure makes it easier to keep eyes on four kids. 

 We like to call this the "pregnant unicorn" phenomenon. When a chick maintains absolute hotness whilst being pregnant. I always feel like a giant marshmallow, but isn't she the cutest with her round belly and bum - eating a sucker? 
I hope my kids remember the times I'm a fun mom. I spend plenty of time nagging, demanding chores to be done and ignoring them to catch up on emails and such. I always feel guilty trying to balance being present and wanting to run-away from them. Mom problems. 
 Skills, yo. 

Luckily, my boys have each other for when I "run away." Nothing makes me happier than seeing them love up on their bros. That Daysen - he should win brother of the year! He's so helpful, kind and patient. He makes his brothers bracelets and custom lego ships, feeds them, teaches them how to be cool, and babysits them like a champ. 

If you come to San Diego, you must go to Burger Lounge. You must. Well, unless you're on a diet. Then don't.
 This is also the summer of baby-girl selfies!
 Almost everything in my house has been "scored" on Craigslist or from yard sales. This piano and end table was my best find yet. The piano sounds great and the bench was filled with music. I really love the 1960's style - especially the spindles on the legs. Winning. 

 Tonight I will be in the arms of my Love. It's been a rough underway, but I tear-up when I think back at all the love I've received from friends and family this summer. From fresh baked cookies (I had 7 in an hour guys), to Stephanie helping me fold and put away 20 loads of laundry, to my Mother-in-law coming out to help me with the boys. It's been a lesson for me of the importance to serve. I hope I can be the listening ear, helpful friend and baked-goods-bearing angel to those who need to feel some love. 
 Oh, Trader Joe's - you own my flower loving heart. 
 From Moonlight beach, girl's nights galore, bubbly play-dates, and nights filled with s'mores and sparklers. We've sure been livin' it up. 

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