Aug 12, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Good ole Navy homecomings.  Over my 14 year career as a navy spouse, I've actually only arrived early for the ship to pull in a few times.  Mostly because it takes forEVER and it's really no fun with kids.  BUT, Sean's Mom Annye has been visiting and sent me off to Coronado to pick-up Sean and spend the night with him there in a beachside hotel - while she stayed home with the minions.  You guys - she's the BEST! It was awesome. 

I drove down to Coronado early and checked into our hotel, then spent the afternoon down on the pier with my friend Vanessa.  Quick story about Vanessa - She is a fellow lifter and we have been working out at the same gym daily for a few years.  Until just recently we had no idea that our husbands are both Intel Officers, who work together on the Reagan, AND are really good friends.  In fact, they had been trying to arrange for us to get together for dinner (but you know how guys are at planning stuff).  We randomly figured it out on our own and now WE'RE good friends.  We had a great time hanging out waiting and schemed up plans to finally have dinner together after the hubbies arrived.  Good stuff. 

 The night Sean arrived home there was a spectacular  supermoon.  We decided to walk the beach at 2 a.m. - and I wish the pictures could have done it justice.  Everything was glowing and sparkly under the bright moon. Huge waves, too. I just love Coronado. 

 THEN - It was time to head home and surprise the boys. As difficult as separations are, I wish everyone could experience the immense joy of a military homecoming. The KIDS. They FREAK. It's so cute, heartwarming, and emotional. I mean look at those happy faces! 

 Annye took the kids to get balloons and Sean's favorite treats - Reese's and Vanilla Cream Soda. Here Indy's like, "Hey Dad, lemme pour you a drink." 

 One of these days Sean is going to come home and Daysen will finally be taller than him. It's gonna be epic. Getting close!
 That Indy Bear.  He hasn't left Sean's side since the moment he jumped in his arms.  Sean brought gifts from Hawaii and Indy has been holding tight to his little wooden carved sea turtle.  I can't help it.  It all just turns me to melty mom butter. 

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

The End.