Aug 28, 2014

Lela & Erin Take Utah | Part 2

The last two days of our girl's trip were jam packed (I'm actually still feeling the effects from all the fun, which I'll get into later).  Okie dokie, so Saturday morning we got dressed and drove up to Park City for the day.  YOU GUYS, the greenness!  Green, green, GREEN.  California is all lovely shades of brown right now so we were flipping out over the green mountains filled with wildflowers and white aspen.  Again, Utah is starting to look real enticing.  We rode the Alpine slides and coaster and had a lovely lunch up in a mountain resort.  Truffle fries, guys - that's all you need to know. 

 After lunch we drove the long way home through the Alpine Loop.  The views were magical.  It was torture to narrow down the pictures, but it was beautiful.  Trust me.  We passed through Sundance, saw several waterfalls, stopped and peed in the bushes, and inhaled every last drop of mountain air.  We arrived home in time for dinner and then snuck over to the Waffle Luv truck to try it out.  Ya'll were right!  Those waffles are to figure out how to make a replica. 

 We woke up early Sunday morning and headed to SLC to hear the Tabernacle Choir sing at Music and The Spoken Word - Where I learned that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, for almost 85 years, has been a phenomenon of broadcasting, with the longest continuous broadcast on the air.  Man they're good!  We toured the convention center with my family, who met us there Sunday afternoon en route to dropping off my youngest sister, Christina, off at BYU to start college.  Crazy! 

 Three generations of Lelas!  Mavis Lela, Laura Lela, and me!

 We headed back to Highland to have dinner with our gracious and wonderful hosts, the Meilsoes.  I love them so much!  I was joking that we stayed at the best European bed and breakfast in town (they're from Denmark and England) and I dubbed it "Meilsoe manor."  After dinner we sat out and watched the sunset and rainbows race through the quickly changing sky. 
 Then the moment the sun went down we got caught outside in the craziest hail storm of all time.  Luckily we were covered but it was SO loud and shocking.  We were all screaming and freaking out - because, ya know, weather is exciting stuff to us Californians. 

We headed for home Monday morning and that's when the catastrophic effects began that I mentioned earlier.  I had horrible altitude sickness and sinus inflammation from bouncing around high elevations (plus I have terrible sinuses already - even after surgery).  The ride home was brutal.  Poor Erin had a terrible cough and was in terrible pain in her ribs from coughing so much.  We basically came straight home and both went to the doctor.  I'm feeling much better today.  Was it worth it?  Heck yes!! 

Thank you to Sean for being the best husband and father and taking time off to let this happen.  Thank you to Erin for being the best road tripping partner and friend in all the land.  Thank you to the Meilsoes for letting us stay in your heavenly home in Highland and thanks to my family for meeting up with us and making the trip that much better.  Love your faces!!!

The End. 

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  1. Grandma Mavis is just as beautiful as ever!!! Y'all have great genes :)