Sep 28, 2014

According to my husband's iPhone | 9.28.2014

Women.  We're funny creatures now aren't we?  Do any of you ever hijack your husband's iPhone and just troll it for interesting things?  Well, I do.  I think all husband's seem to think there's some distrust involved in our curiosity, but really it has nothing to do with it.  I love seeing the emails and texts messages between him and his friends.  Guys are hilarious - and Sean and his friends are so proper in all their correspondence.  It's wildly entertaining ...well to me. 

I really love trolling Sean's pictures and after his latest iPhone upload I realized he really does need a new phone.  The iPhone 4 quality is horrendous.  None the less, he deserves his own iPhone post - lots of good ones lately that must be remembered.  Most of his pictures are of Indy - no shock there.  Those two and their sweet love for each other is pure #mombutter. 

Hula hooping while waiting for a table at Snooze. 
 Eating Pizza together. 
 Time out. 
 Waiting for an oil change with his sidekick. 
 Naked butts on the couch because Mom is probably not home. 
 Bikes and scooter shenanigans. 
 Shoe shopping. 
 Letting him sleep on Mom's side of the bed while she's on a girl's trip. 
 Bowling with the Boys. 

 - And letting them do things that Mom would never approve of. 
Brenner's first place rain gutter regatta boat that Sean made in the 6 minutes before Brenner left for scouts.  Procrastination at it's finest. 

Oh, yeah - Remember how Sean spent the summer underway?  There's lots of good pictures of his time in Oahu.  I'm really bummed that I couldn't go meet him there - like seemingly every other wife I know!  Sheesh.  Sometimes you just need a pitty party for a minute.  

Laie Temple and Sean with a creepy mustache. 
 The tower from the Pearl Harbor movie. 
Touring a Chinese destroyer. 
 Kissing a bird. 
Over looking Hanauma Bay.  Again, creepy stache.  
Byodo Buddhist Temple. 

 Lots of waterfront dining. 
 Shots of the Island looking like Jurassic Park.

Endless knee-knockers.  
I thought this was funny.  Sean had to send me pictures of the Stateroom he shares with four pilots from his squadron.  The first picture is of the youngsters living space and the second picture is of Sean and the other senior pilot's living space.  Kids man. 

Finally! Pulling into San Diego to make out with me on the pier. 

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