Sep 24, 2014

Support The Girls

Earlier this year, my friend Lizzy wrote a beautiful post titled, Support The Girls.  I really liked that post (especially because it made me think of boobs and who doesn't love boobs?).  The message and her thoughts on being "just a mom" really tugged at my heart strings.  I've recently had many discussions with women I am close to about this very thing - supporting US.  Each other.  The women, mothers, and hardworking sisters we share this womanly bond with. 

I, like so many, have struggled to balance what I want, what I think I want, and what is right for me and my family.  I mean, I'm sure if I didn't have a million kids I could be the president of Google, with hobbies like sailing, professional tennis and glass blowing...but, ya know.  I have chosen to sacrifice things I want to do so I can live the wonderful life I am living.  Do I still struggle? Sure.  Do I still want to do things that help me feel confident and successful.  Heck yes!  There are definite feelings of self worth wrapped up into the things we do. But really, our feelings of self worth should come from who we are - Daughters of God.  Armed with that knowledge, we are free to find joy in the things we do and to be able to support each other in all the endeavors our hearts desire. 

So what do I do?  I write this blog as a journal and to share my life and journey as a Wife and Mother.  I love throwing parties and making gourmet food as an outlet for creativity and expression of my love languages.  I share my love of Essential Oils and sell them as a career to help support my family.  I have received SO much love, support and kindness in the things I do that I often feel like my heart could burst.  I don't know what I've done to be deserving of such love, but I appreciate it more than words can express.  Whether an email of admiration, a message of gratitude, or a gesture of support. It just feels nice.  I save every kind email and read them back often.  Kindness is never wasted! 

As I sat down to organize these scattered thoughts into this post, I knew I wanted to help support my girls in the things they do.  I have amazing women around me with amazing talents and gifts to share.  I want to support my girls and want you to support YOUR girls! We rise by supporting each other not climbing over each other. We feel joy by loving and encouraging those around us.  We can all make an impact if we spread a little love.  I'm going to share some of my favorite women and the things they do.  If you have time to read their stories, support their work, and promote their businesses - then let's do it! If you have a business, blog, book, talent, or a cause you'd like to share - leave a comment on this post so we can support you, too! 

These chicks.  A bunch of talented uplifting bloggers for you to follow. I love reading "lifestyle" blogs with a little bit of everything thrown in there.  These cool cats write about family, mothering, recipes, photography, home design, infertility, navy wife-ing, crafting, party throwing and so much more!

My friend, Kristi, is the most talented wedding stylist and hair girl of all time!  Not to mention sitting in her chair is like free therapy.  She whips out bridal parties on the weekends like nobody's business.  If you're getting married in San Diego, make sure you book her WAY in advance. We pretty much have to schedule our girl's nights with her months in advance because she's in such high demand.  

When my friend Nicci was visiting I kept admiring all her amazing jewelry and come to find out she is a stylist for Stella & Dot.  Everything she had was SO freaking cute and very well made.  I wanted to purchase some jewelry for myself so she's letting me host a 3 week online "trunk show" so ya'll can get some too! I'm getting these bracelets for sure. If you want to order any time after three weeks, you can do it here :)  

Photographers? I know all the best ones in San Diego! 

Meghan at Ellie & Ollie.

 Lynette at Lynette Nicolas Photography

 My friend, Whitney, wrote this beautiful cookbook called The Family Flavor, and it ROCKS.  My favorite recipe thus far has to be the coconut bread - yum. fest.  All the recipes are simple with a gourmet flare. You'll love it!

You know that Younique stuff everyone is talking about?  I bought some from my friend Angelica because I wanted to, ya know, support my girl.  I didn't have any expectations at first - but, holy crap this stuff really works!  I was a little confused at first about how you use it.  It's basically a two step mascara that you layer on.  There is a tube of black gel and a tube of tea fibers that attach to your lashes and make them long-long-long! Here are my peepers after one coat!  I'm hosting a ten day Lash Link for her so you can get some! If you read this ten days after my post is written, you can still get some from her here. 

Hippie friends? I've got plenty!
  • My friends Raunette and Myra own The Upper Level Spa in Pacific Beach. Their spa specializes in sugar hair removal (you guys, it's the BEST) but they also do facials, skin treatments and massage.  If you're going to go ripping hair off your body, have them do it.  It's much gentler than wax, all natural, and less painful, too.  

  • My friend, Mary, has a Facebook page for her company Your Family Herbalist. I get my red raspberry leaf tea and other great herbal supplements from her.  Her wealth of knowledge and experience with herbs and essential oils is priceless! 

  • My friend, Christie, is a massage therapist and she's uh-mazing. She does house calls and even couples massage.  She listens and executes exactly what you want and she is so in tune with your body, your needs, and your energy. Best massages I've had have been from her. 

  • My friends, Lex & Mais, have a blog and radio show they do from Maui.  They have great natural remedies, vegetarian recipes, and plenty of inappropriate (you've been warned) shenanigans to talk about on air. I've known these girls almost my whole life and they are some crazy wonderful hippies! 

I know I'm missing people and I could probably keep going all day - but dinner isn't going to make itself!  Please, if you have something you want to share in my comments, do it! Please join me in supporting our girls.  It's rough out there doing what we do.  Let's show some love!



  1. This just made me cry/made my day. I totally agree it's about supporting each other. You are such a great example of one woman who truly understands genuine girl-support. I sure love the heck out of you.

  2. I love Whitney's cookbook! The Korean beef lettuce wraps with spicy mayo is my fave! I'll check out your stella & dot truck show. <3 If you would like a Jamberry nail wrap sample just let me know! I would love to send you some. Stef :-)


    1. Thanks Stefanie! I checked out your site - they look awesome! Love all the patterns! How long do they usually last?

  3. Jamberry last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on toes. They stay on until you remove them and do no damage to your nails. You would love them! Email me at with your address and I will get a sample out to you. Just a little warning, you will be hooked!!!!!! :-) Stef