Nov 3, 2014

Halloween Twenty-Fourteen

Halloweenie!!!  I love all things Halloween.  The food, the costumes, the festiveness,  the inevitable sugar with more sugar on top... 

I made these Apple Pie Caramel Apples this year.  If you haven't' had these yet in life – you're missing out.  Do yourself a favor and whip some up.  They generally have three layers.  Caramel, white chocolate, and cinnamon sugary goodness. 

This year we decided we'd have the boys each pick a hero costume and then Sean and I would dress up as bank robbers.  At first, Daysen and Brenner were so funny about the whole thing.  They insisted hero costumes are only for little kids (and maybe they're right if we're talking about fluffy spandex muscle suits) but, I assured them I could find costumes that were not "for babies." 

I win.  

Ohhhhh, Indy.  For months now we've been growing out his hair for his Thor costume.  He has endured countless claims that he's, "such a cute little girl."  It was all worth it though!  Those flowing gold locks totally made it.  I was dying. 

 After the kiddies hit up the houses around our house, we went down to the Meilsoe's house for more trick-or-treating and a super fun Halloween Party.  Erin nailed it with all the Halloween faves.  She had chili & cornbread, games, spooky movies, and awesome party decor. Such a blast! 

Everyone's costumes rocked this year! 

Double Clark Kent.  You can never have too many Supermans!

Now bring on the Holidays!!!

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