Oct 26, 2014

Thirty Two

I've always known that God's hand is in all of our existence here on earth, but through extreme trials and blessings I've learned that he is truly orchestrating the most beautiful song that is my life.  This year has been a tough one in many ways, but as I reflect back (or even glance back at the year through my blog) I am reminded that the trials fade and the blessings stay.  I am constantly needing to be reminded that things are good and that I'm loved, but I think that's pretty consistent of  us humans – especially the woman kind. 
I want to remember those good things and the love I felt on this birthday.  I also want to thank those who made it memorable  – my peeps, oh how I love you.  I woke up early to a chorus of 5 Boyd boys belting out Happy Birthday in their loudest and most enthused voices.  I stumbled after them down the hall as they yelled, "look Mommy!!!" – Sean had stayed up all night cleaning the house and doing laundry (my number one love language) and then after catching a couple hours of sleep, he woke up early and made me homemade crepes for breakfast.  That Seanny Nonny is a keeper.

I did all my favorite things on my birthday (food-family-friends-fun).  I went shopping with Erin and Indy, had shrimp tacos for lunch at my favorite place, and then had dinner with my bestie and our boys at Fleming's.  I really wanted steak for my birthday.  Forget diamonds - bring me a steak!

Throughout the day I received phone calls, texts, Facebook messages and emails. Each one made my heart swell with love.  I received an email with this poem written by another bestie (I have endless besties - you can do that, right?).  My Lizzy Lou  – she always writes the best cards and says the nicest things.  It makes me want to be better at telling people how much I love and appreciate them.  
Some friends are funny,
Each laugh is a treat. 
They make life a party
For all that they meet. 

Some friends are wise
Their words all inspiring. 
Whatever the trial
Their support is never tiring. 

Some friends are givers
Of warmth, food and family. 
The way that you feel with them
Makes living life happy.

Some friends are talented 
At so many things. 
From decorating, cooking and
Parties with "(angel) wings".

But sometimes...

You're blessed with a friend
Who is ALL of those things. 
Who makes your heart happy
And makes your heart sing. 

She's fun and she's smart
And gives all of her heart
To loving and caring and 
Creating works of art.

She's a friend and a sister
And the closest confidant.
Her loyalty and friendship is 
Your dearest constant.

You know that she'll love you 
No matter your weakness
And laugh as you show your most
Appalling inappropriateness. 

She is humble and kind
And doesn't realize her impact
On all that she touches
(She can't help, but attract)!

She's the BEST kind of friend. 
The kind who brings out the best.
Happy Birthday, Lela Love!
Being your friend makes me blessed!
Thirty two is going to be good. LOVE YOU ALL! 

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  1. Love you a million zillion! Wish I could've been there to give you your birthday bun squeezes! Xoxo