Dec 9, 2014

This Week.

Oh man, have we been packing it all in.  I feel like I have to do everything I want to do this holiday season, before I go in for surgery (Thursday, eeek!).  I really don't know how I'll feel afterwards, so it's party town until then.

My cousins wife, Aarin, came to to visit with her kiddies last week.  We let the minions run amuck – we went to old town for tacos –  we had hot chocolate  – and, we went to the San Diego Temple to see the Christmas lights.  These cousins are the cutest!

We went to the sweetest baptism + birthday luncheon for sweet little Ella.

I took a few pictures of my friends, the Browns, so they could announce their pregnancy – A miracle baby they've waited a long time for.  I'm so happy for them!  They are the best humans!

We did Danish Christmas dinner with the Meilsoes and Smiths.  I've been day dreaming about this amazing meal since we had it last year. This will definitely be a yearly tradition.  

Sean got the almond in the Risalamande AGAIN this year.  Erin said I could share her recipe, so I might just do that.  You guys need this yumminess in your life! 

And we made cookies. LOTS of cookies.  I guess I'm ready for surgery now.  Let's do this. 


  1. Love you friend! This was such a festive post! I loved it. Also, THANK YOU ERIN for sharing that recipe. I have been dreaming about it since your baby shower.....


  2. Best of luck with your surgery and recovery. Besides the Jamberry's, I make lampwork glass beads. If you would like some to play around with while your down just let me know. You could make jewelry when you get to the bored out of your mind stage. :-) Wishing you a super fast recovery! Stef :-)