Jan 19, 2015


You know, of all the things that suck about being on crutches – the worst is that it's basically impossible to take a good picture (or carry your drink - I hate that too).  Erin and I tried to get a few pictures of Mr. Atli and I basically had to sit in a chair and snap a few shots from there.  Being broken is for the birds.  I'm so over it!  Luckily, this snuggly little bundle of blond is free therapy.  All problems melt away with a babe resting on your chest.  Those milk drunk lips and fluffy cheeks.  *sigh*.  It takes way too much restraint to not squeeze, smother and kiss him to death.  He is one beautiful newborn. 

Oh yeah, and I probably need to send these to Erin's fancy fotog sister to edit.  I have no idea how to edit newborns (let's face it, or anything else) but I'm too impatient, so unedited it is!  Oh, and not a whole lot of varying angle, cuz you know, the chair. Grrrrrrr.

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