Jan 26, 2015

I have a teenager.

And just like that – I have a teenager.  It's actually still blowing my mind, and making me feel incredibly old (even though I did have him rather young).  The poor guy didn't have a very eventful birthday (broken Mom, remember?)  We did manage to get him some cool stuff and have breakfast and dinner plans at his request.  

-13 Things about Daysen at 13-

1.  He loves basketball.
2.  Ripsticking and biking are a daily occurrence.
3.  He babysits and helps out like some kind of ninja superhero (may this never end).
4.  Currently playing – Hotel California and All You Need Is Love. 
5.  Learning guitar and piano.
6.  Geeks out to Marvel Champions App with his Dad and bros.
7.  Advanced math superstar.
8.  Loves watching Movie trailers with Dad and bros. 
9.  Makes a mean mac & cheese.
10.  Reads daily. Currently reading "Spirit Animals."
11.  I let him get his first social media account with a private and monitored Instagram. Scary!
12.  Dad has started shaving his creepy mustache.
13.  Still holds the title of,  "Best brother ever!"

Daysen rocks!

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