Feb 4, 2015

A matter of opinion

I'm not one to typically share my opinions on a public platform, but I feel like I should say that in a world where opinions are heated, the flames of those opinions should not be burning everyone around us.  Having seen s e v e r a l posts today about the pain of harsh words from other parents about vaccines – I find it truly heartbreaking.  Saying parents and children should die or be threatened for their opinions. I mean, come on!  This is AMERICA – where my husband fights for that freedom.  I've decided to share this comment I left on a friend's Facebook post this morning – and although it IS my opinion, I think it goes to show we can share opinions without causing pain.  Can't we?  We can right? 

"I think we can all agree that we love our kids fiercely and want what's ultimately best for their heath. I've definitely done my research, and I too am not a fan of the flu shot. BUT, I've seen a lot of hate coming from BOTH sides.  I've also seen a lot of "sheeple" misinformed on both sides.  I am someone who sits right in the middle.  I'd say I live somewhere between wheat grass and a chocolate shake :)  I don't trust doctors who discredit natural medicine and the same for naturalist who discredit modern medicine.  There are just too many factors that make up the health of a human being.  That being said, there are diseases in this world that don't care how healthy or unhealthy you are and vaccines have been the only thing stopping them from taking our children one by one.  Take this opinion on smallpox. . .

"The first known case of smallpox was found in the Egyptian mummy of Ramses V, a pharaoh that died sometime in 1145 BCE, about three thousand years ago. He may have been royalty but the cause of his death was one of the great equalizers of mankind’s history. For the next three thousand years smallpox killed anywhere from 30% to 60% of the people it afflicted, although in children the death rate was closer to 80%. The wealthy died lying on silk sheets, the poor died in small, dark rooms, but they all died the same horrible way. Death from small pox is a painful, ugly, lonely thing.  And until after the 1970’s mothers all over the world knew its face."

To me (notice I said me, as in just my opinion), that is proof that not all vaccines are evil.  That in fact some vaccines have been the answer to millions of prayers by mothers over the dead bodies of their children.  The truth is - "We see the world, not as it is, but as we are -- or, as we are conditioned to see it.  When we open our mouths to describe what we see, we in effect describe ourselves, our perceptions, our paradigms." –  I wish more people would respect that.  We can all do better, learn more, and judge less.  I absolutely believe we should all have the freedom to choose what is best for our kids.  Because really, LOVE is the true healing balm in this world. ❤️ My two cents. Love you!"

So there it was – my opinion.  See how that didn't hurt anyone?  I welcome all loving comments and opinions.  More LOVE. Always more love. 




  1. Lela, thank you for this! So many people have been so mean- many in my ward have told those of us who have not fully vaccinated our kids to just keep them home and not to ever go in public again. It is so hard to do what you feel is right when there is intimidation and meanness. I am so thankful to have read your kind words today. I so wish we were friends. Love from a mom in TX.

    1. Dear Mom in Texas, I am so so sorry that you've had to deal with that. I think people fear what they don't know, and they don't know that there are way more things to be scared of than unvaccinated kids. Sending hugs and my love to you! Just keep doing what you know is right for your family! ❤️