Feb 15, 2015

Indy becomes a threenager

There's something all too sweet and all too devastating about babies growing up – Especially when there's a good change they're your last baby.  Three just feels like that big jump from your snuggly baby to a toddlerish child.  Although I love seeing my kids grow up, it continues to freak me out on the daily.  Who gave them permission to all grow up so fast?!? 


Ohhhh, my Indy Bear.  We decided to go with the easy route and skip having a big crazy party.  We just celebrated all weekend long instead.  Sean took all the boys to Sea World with friends, we had a little cake-and-presents shindig (shared with his bestie) and an outing in Balboa park.  I think he was pretty stoked about all of it.  

–Important things about Indy at 3–

  • He loves corn on the cob, lollipops, and hot dogs
  • He likes watching Justin Time, playing Temple Run 2 (he calls it "big monkey game"), and listening to "I love Rock n Roll." 
  • He potty trained himself like a boss.
  • Daddy is his best friend.
  • Demands that Sean gives him the last sip of all of Daddy's protein shakes. 
  • He likes to wrestle his dad and every time says, "You're Hulk, I'm Captain America!"
  • Favorite book is The Giving Tree; and he has the first half memorized. 
  • He insists on saying each and every family prayer.
  • When he arrives home, he immediately strips down to his chonies. 
 Being a threenager is rough.  Clearly. 

 So many emotions when you turn three. 

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  1. He is so adorable! Happy Birthday Indy! 3 is pretty great! :-)