Mar 18, 2015

According to iPhone | 3.18.2015

Lately in life. . . 

Just sitting here enjoying some random pictures from my last batch dumped onto my computer – and, I'm realizing 90% of my pictures should be deleted from the get go.  Ain't nobody got time for that I guess.  

I love Spring time in my yard.  It's like a daily surprise when new things pop up.  Like, "Oh, I forgot there were a ton of calla lilies here!" and "Yay, there's tons of strawberries growing."  The little things, guys.

I bought 4 of these bad boys for twenty bucks from a guy selling firewood.  I don't even know why other than I like them and I feel like they'd be useful for event planning and such.  You guys, the funny looks I get from Sean when he sees the stuff I come home with.  The best. 

I took a 3 month hiatus from anything in the kitchen while I was on crutches and it was much more devastating than I thought it would be.  These hands are made for cookin' and that's just what they'll do!  So glad to be back at it. 

I cooked up this delish whipped body butter and it's been selling like crazy.  Kinda awesome because I love it so much, too.  I've been shaving my legs with it lately and you all should come over and feel these gams. Sooooo silky smooth.  Do you want some too?  Hit me up!

I've caught the crafting bug lately – AND, I like it. So therapeutic. 

When I'm not hobbling around crafting and cooking, I'm at physical therapy.  I thought you all might wanna be grossed out with a knee update.  This is a week post-op from my latest revision surgery.  Doc opened back up the side incision and removed bone and fluid.  It sure is ugly (and painful) but, I'm hopeful things will get better from here. 

And the rest are just pictures of my babers being cute kids.  I just love the Boyd brood. 

The end. 

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