Mar 13, 2015

14 Years

You know how you hear those stories of couples who have been married for 60+ years and you're like, "but HOW?" – It's just all so fairytale inspiring, and well, seemingly so doable now too.  Since each passing year of my life seems to be catching speed, I'd say each passing year of my marriage is equally paced.  Months are racing.  Weeks are flying.  It's an enjoyable fast though.  

This last year of life has been rough, especially on me, and I guess therefore Sean.  Let's face it, a hot mess of a wife is pretty exhausting.  Sean has stayed the constant for us though.  When I'm not doing well I worry about being lovable and he just worries about making sure I feel loved.  I often think, "Gosh, how can someone want to be with someone so broken?!?"  But, he sticks around.  I guess if for no other reason than I make good lasagna.  

I make dang good lasagna by the way.

In the most humble of explanations, I could say that he's carrying me.  My own personal super hero.  Through the trials that have plagued me, he's been doing so much more and so much seemingly unnoticed.  He's wiped tears from my cheeks.  Brought me big icy cold bubbly drinks.  Dragged me to doctors appointments and therapy.  Opened doors.  Fed kids.  Brought medicine.  Executed morning and night routines.  Given me blessings.  Prayed and fasted for me.  Encouraged me when I'm intolerable.  Made trips to the pharmacy and store at crazy hours of the day.  Made meals.  He's done basket after basket of laundry and just in general picking up all of my slack as a human being.  All of this loving service makes my love continue to explode out of my little heart.  I know I don't express it enough, but I'm so thankful to him for these little things.  Those little acts of love – And of course for being who he is and for what he does for our family.  Marriage is pretty darn swell and this girl is still madly in love.  Cheers to 14 years + forever.

#luckyme. ❤️

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