Feb 9, 2016

Indy turns 4

Four things about Indy at 4!
1.  He can roll his R's and D's better than anyone I know.
2.  He loves Wild Kratts, Beauty & the Beast, and Justin Time.
3.  He loves doing puzzles and is pretty dang good at them.
4.  He values snuggling and snugly things, which I love.

This entire weekend was dedicated to Indy turning 4.  The truth is, I've been much too tired and nauseous to do anything extravagant, but even in my laziness I think he's convinced we went all out. 

Starting with his "birthday party" at Seaworld.  I told him he was going to have a party with his friends – Which really meant, I invited his friends with Seaworld passes to meet up with us for the afternoon.  I did make cupcakes and snack bags, which was the absolute least amount of effort I've ever put into a party.  Guys, I didn't even have to clean my bathrooms!  The best. 

The very next day, my friend Christina, hosted the most extravagant birthday party you could dream of.  A circus party for her sweet daughters – complete with pony rides, circus food, games, bouncy house, petting zoo, etc.  I might have mentioned to Indy that it was all for him.  I mean, his friends were all there.  Shhhhh.  He'll never know :)

Last, but not least, his actual birthday.  We woke him up with balloons and our whole family singing happy birthday {complete with harmony thanks to Grandma Annye}.  Then Sean and I took him to breakfast at Snooze, because pancakes.  The rest of the day consisted of picking out a new bike, a play-date with his bestie at the park, pizza, cake, and presents.  I'd say he did pretty good for himself this birthday.  

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  1. The cake pictures are hilarious! That boy could model, all your boys could. :-) Happy Birthday Indy!