Sep 9, 2016

Isla Claire | Blessed

Last Sunday we blessed our sweet baby Isla in church.  We hadn't planned on blessing her right away, but the stars aligned for my parents and family to be here, so we hustled with preparation and got everything done just in time.  Sean gave a beautiful blessing and the whole day that followed was pretty perfect.

I was feeling a bit left out from giving Isla something from my heart, so I wrote her a little poem (why am I imagining Sleeping Beauty when the fairies all give her different blessings?). Ha ha!  Anyway, I quickly realized that writing things of this nature make me feel incredibly vulnerable, which I don't like, but I want it recorded, so here it is. :)

Miss Isla Claire,
you came to be,
first in my dreams,
your face I'd see. 

For you I prayed.
I'd plead my case.
Anything to bring,
those dream's sweet face.

God knew best.
He sent to earth,
four loving brothers,
before your birth. 

So we prepared,
a place for you.
A home of love,
to bring you to. 

The day we found,
just who you'd be,
through tears my eyes,
could barely see. 

Now that you're here,
my heart is full.
You're everything,
you're beautiful. 

I promise to love you.
For you I'll be,
your closest friend,
you can count on me. 

Miss Isla Claire,
you came to be,
no longer a dream,
but here with me. 

Love, Mom 

 I was so excited to get a four generations picture with my two favorite women! I love them so much and I just know Isla will adore them like I do.  Isla is the first daughter of my Grandma Mavis' granddaughters (two of her grandsons have daughters).

Not only do I have the best family, but my friends are pretty amazing as well.  Erin and Christina helped host a luncheon for our family and close friends.  Christiana offered her beautiful home and backyard vineyard and they both helped make a delicious lunch.  Complete with a cake that Erin made that was fancier than my wedding cake.  Gosh, I love those girls.  Thank you to all who came and helped.  We love you all!  

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  1. I loved your poem, it reminded me of something Grandpa Frehner might write. I imagine my mom felt similar to the way you do about finally getting the daughters she dreamed about and she is my dearest friend in the whole world. I'm sure Isla will feel the same towards you.

    She's so lucky to have been born with you as her momma.