Mar 28, 2013

Gramps + Grandma

I'm pretty sure the entire west coast is on spring break this week...well except us. We've had family and friends visiting from out of town and San Diego is jam packed full of vacationers. My dad came to town for just one day so I took him to Snooze for breakfast--or rather I took him there and he bought me breakfast. Then I took Grandpa, Zane and Indy over to the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. He's old and old people LOVE stuff like that! We were non-stop with the old man jokes. I can't help myself. Sorry Dad. 
Zane was doing his "I'm sexy and I know it" dance. I'm sure there were never any shenanigans like this in a real Navy Aircraft Carrier birthing. Right Sean?

Indy does this thing when he's exited. He gets on his toes and shrugs his shoulders. I keep trying to capture it on camera and this is the closest I've gotten. It's like my favorite thing ever in life. 

So Gramps left town on an aero-plane and then an hour later Grandma Laura, Aunt Christina, Kale's girlfriend Lisette and two of my Mom's friends from Idaho all rode the Amtrak down from Orange County. They were visiting family up there {also my sister's school was competing and performing music at Disneyland}. We packed in LOTS of fun in two days. We went to the San Diego Zoo, had dinner on the patio at Playa Grill {mmmm. shrimp tacos}, watched Fiddler on the Roof & Wreck it Ralph, had root beer floats and went to the Mormon Battalion in Old Town. It was lots of fun--fast and furious fun! My mom even did a bunch of laundry...which is why she's the BEST mom ever. She knows of my hatred for laundry. 
Baby ducks following their Mama. I was squealing. I just love baby ducks!
Matching blue eyed babes. Did I mention my mom is the best Grandma of all time too? I love her. 

 My beautiful baby sister Christina. I call her C-dawg. 

And then there was Zane. That kid. Don't mind that I look 6 months pregnant. I must've just downed a burrito or something. 

The hardest part about living here is missing my family and friends. The best part is that I we live in the most awesome vacation city so everyone comes to visit!! 

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  1. It is so fun to see pictures of your family - I feel like I'm finally putting faces to names and stories! :) Also, that thing that Indy does . . . I want to see it in real life!