Mar 25, 2013

Navy Shenanigans

Sean and I attended a Change of Command dinner this weekend. I just don't know if I'll ever be excited before going to formal Navy events but I'm usually glad I went after. I think like most women I stress myself out looking for a dress that's just right and shoes that don't make me tower over Sean. Guys have it SO easy - shower, shave and put on your uniform. Jerks. Anyway, after sending several dressing room photo shoots to my gal pals I found a dress I liked.

The event was held in the upstairs Alhambra room at The Prado Restaurant in Balboa Park. There was a preset menu - I had the red wine braised boneless beef short ribs with potato puree & roasted root veggies. Sean had the Halibut with pea risotto. They were both pretty good - although for $80 a plate I wasn't overly impressed. I was kind of peeved that wine was free with dinner but they wanted to charge me for a diet coke. Really? What evs. 

After dinner they had a hilarious video presentation and some goodbye speeches in honor of the Commanding Officer. Good stuff.  
 We had our own after party at D Bar in Hillcrest. That darn bananas foster just keeps me coming back. You guys it has a fresh waffle with chocolate cream sandwiched in between then drizzled with malt creme anglaise, caramelized nanners and salted caramel ice cream. So freakin' yummy people! 

Then we hauled buns home before we turned into pumpkins. The End. 


  1. Ah you are a hot piece of you know what! And I like your hair lighter!

  2. You look AMAZING - all that worrying was for nothing! :) And that bananas foster business looks TDF. We must go there!