Apr 1, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013

Easter was a blast this year. I've always loved Easter. Kids all dressed up in pastels, baskets of goodies and...ham. I love ham. 
 Indy's basket was practical. Although he did have a few candies down in the bottom. 

I didn't buy new outfits for Easter this year. Luckily bright colors are in style these days so they had some cute stuff already. I saw approximately 10 billion really cute Easter dresses this year...I need a daughter. Oi. 
 We had a backyard Easter egg hunt after church. We finally have the perfect yard for it. Sean did all the hiding of the eggs and treats. I think he had as much fun as the kids. Indy caught on right away..."So you find treats and put them in here?!? Got it!!" 

 Did I mention I love my yard? Aren't these beautiful?

 Dinner was traditional and OHHH so yummy. I made a glazed ham, Chantilly potatoes, haricot vert, roasted asparagus and rolls with Irish butter. I usually always make my own rolls (cuz they freakin' rock) but this year I was lazy. Plus Trader Joe's was sampling their rolls on Saturday and they were pretty dang perfect. I love having nice dinners with the boys. I think it's good for them to practice slowing down, using the fine china, passing food around and using all those manners mom is rattling off all the time. 

We ended the day eating Strawberry Shortcake and watching Rise of the Guardians. It was a lovely Easter indeed. 


  1. You will one day have FOUR daughters raising those fine men :)


  2. More precious then perfect gems! The riches your children give you is the finest in all the land. And yes, your daughters, and granddaughters will come too.