Jun 10, 2013

According to iPhone {6.10.13}

~This Week~

We went to the zoo with gal pals and minion friends. 

Indy is a champion car-seat sleeper. I can't tell you how many times I've just sat in my car so he could nap longer. I hate waking him up though.
I was impressed with Indy's strength to hold up his chubby little body. He could hang for a few seconds and then he'd make a panicked look and I'd rescue him. He kept asking to go up over and over again though. 
I love that my boys are so helpful around the house. Train 'em  while they're young! Also, I have a fun app on my phone where I can add hats, glasses and other fun stuff. Indy needed a sombrero! Watch for more accessories in my other pictures. 
"National Donut Day" was this week. I wasn't really aware of it until I noticed photos of donuts flooding Instagram and Facebook. Like any good mom, I couldn't let my kiddos down. We made a run to Christy's Donuts and they had just set out a fresh batch. Mom for the win!
We had a goodbye ladies night for my friend Bobbi. Once again someone I love is moving far-far away :( Enough already! We went to Playa Grill and then D bar for dessert. We even had 3 newborn babes along for the evening. They did great! 
We had a pool day and BBQ with the Meilsoes. It was so much fun! The guys were doing cannon balls to try and see who could make the biggest splash. Guys are funny--can you imagine girls doing that?
I hear a sombrero helps you make a bigger splash. Yelling "ay-ay-ay-ay" helps too!

We had fruit, salad, chips & guac, hot dogs and ribs--then ended with s'mores. How it's done yo. 
Indy woke up Sunday Morning with some gnarly bed head. He was running around the house in his birthday suit looking like a lollipop. I used that photo app to give him some glasses. Wouldn't want him completely naked in the photo.
Zane needed shades too. My style child all dressed up and feeling patriotic. He told me he looks like America. 
Zane is a wild one, but he has this sweet side that turns me into mom butter. He loves babies and has had this baby doll since he was tiny. I remember when he couldn't even talk yet and he pointed and begged for it at the store. Sean let him get it and he's been toting it around and taking care of it ever since. Some times I'll find it wrapped up in a blanket or T-shirt with a snack setting next to it. 
I guess I've always got to throw a random picture into my weekly update. Our homeowner put a new toilet in our guest bath and it has two flush buttons up top. We have been perplexed as to why there are two. We've even had guests ask us about it. Well guys, Sean figured it out this weekend! The large button flushes more water for heavier duty flushing--if you know what I mean. Isn't that cool! A water conserving toilet.  So, now you know. Don't you feel enlightened?
Trader Joes had a plethora of beautiful peonies. They'll be joining us for dinner this week. 

Sean's favorite food is crepes. When I'm feeling like I love him a little more I'll make them for him. These ones were filled with Greek yogurt + cream of coconut and topped with a strawberry sauce and toasted coconut. I think he loves me more now because of this. Mmmm. Mmmm. Good. 
The End. 

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