Jun 6, 2013


Another day, another trip to the zoo. Seriously we really get our money's worth with our zoo passes. It's the best zoo in the world don't ya know!?! It's close, it's easy, the mama's and kiddos love it and it's basically a workout every time we go. San Diego Zoo for the WIN!

We met up with some Mama friends yesterday. I've kind of started a revolution. A stroller revolution. Ever since I bought my awesome Britax double stroller I've had friends realize that having an awesome stroller will basically change your life. I think Britax needs to send me some free stuff or something. Other Britax Mamas not pictured are Jenniline, Tess, Stephanie-O and Elizabeth. Am I missing anyone?
The new Koala exhibit just opened and it's WONDERFUL. Who doesn't love to look at cute and cuddly Koalas?!? They have this new huge tree with fake koalas for the kids to climb. They loved it. We tried to get a picture with all 18 of the kids up in it, but ya know, that didn't work out. 

Frog heaven.
The Mamas. I look like a chubby cheeked hobo in this picture but my friends are hot so I had to share. 
Indy fell asleep right before we got up to Elephant Odyssey. I was so bummed! He's been watching Dumbo every morning for a few weeks now so I think he would have loved to see "bumbo" in real life. Next time I guess. 
A good chunk of the 18 minions. I love Signe pouting up front. 
Daysen pretending to be squashed by the giant elephant. Poor Daysen, always tagging along with all the littles. He's a Saint. He helps wrangle toddlers and push strollers. I need to get him a slurpee or something. 
The End.

* I REALLY need to get a new camera lens. These iPhone pics are blurrrrrry. What lens do my photog friends recommend??? Help me out yo!!*

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