Jun 5, 2013

Meet me on the Patio

We had the Missionaries and the Smiths over for dinner last night. It was lovely. My favorite thing about summer is definitely grilling and dining outside with people I love. 
We had ribs, corn, watermelon, berries, baked beans & chips and guac. 
I am sooooooo thankful I scored this big-beautiful picnic table from my friend Liz. Her husband made it and it's perfect. 
Indy is obsessed with the Smiths. He climbed up on Stephanie's lap and took over her dinner plate, which you can see he's clearly enjoying. Then later in the evening he was hugging Parker and squeezing him around the neck, something he usually reserves for Daddy after work. I love that he loves them so much. I love them too!
We ended the night with Erin's Coconut cake from Mother's Day. It probably wasn't smart to ask her for the recipe. As if I needed ANOTHER favorite food. 
I really appreciate the sweet spirit that missionaries bring to my home. They're so young and full of life. I pray everyday that all my boys will choose to serve the Lord before they begin their own lives as adults. I see these boys learning, sacrificing and experiencing the immense joy that comes with sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Such an amazing opportunity to prepare them for things to come!  

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