Jun 19, 2013

According to iPhone {6.19.13}

This weeks iPhone update should really be, "according to Indy." He started the week at Snooze celebrating our friend Abby's birthday. He uses that pointer finger all day long. It's how he dictates. Oi. 
He's got mad skills on the playground. 
 Little helper. NOT. He thinks the dishwasher doubles as a trampoline. 
 He's learning to be sweet with babies. 
 He's being over-loved by his big bro. We call Zane the smother brother. 
 In other news the missionaries taught Daysen how to tie a fat knot. I guess that's in style these days. 
Zane is always saying "Hey Mom, take my picture!"...and then he does some crazy pose. I love him.

The End.

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