Jun 23, 2013

Lizzy Lou, Plus Two

One of my best friends in the whole wide world, Elizabeth, and her two boys came to visit this week. Ever since they left our beloved San Diego we've been planning trips and visits to ease the pain of separation. We were so excited for this week that we even whipped up an agenda to make sure we maximize fun and don't miss any of our favorite places to go. They arrived on Tuesday and the fun started immediately. After hugs and squeals, the kiddies got right down to business riding around the cul-de-sac on bikes and playing jump rope in the street. 

 We took the boys to Buddies Burgers and then got them to bed so we could partaaay at our friend Meg's baby shower. She's having her first girl and I was dying over the cute outfits she received. So. Friggin'. Jealous. I can't even handle all the cute girl clothes they have out right now. I'm seriously tempted to just go out and buy an entire itty bitty girls wardrobe. Just in case. Ya know?
 Wednesday morning kids headed off to school and then I baked up some Swig Sugar Cookies with Betty Crocker herself. It's good to have cookies on hand all week for post-tantrum and post-bedtime Mommy reward. 

Wednesday afternoon we packed up sandwiches, beach toys, boogie boards and our 6 boys and headed to Coronado Beach. We met up with Kristi and her kiddos for an awesome day in the San Diego sunshine. You guys, we took NINE kids to the beach, including 1 infant and 3 one year olds. You should have seen us with our overloaded wagon, kids in each arm, bags on shoulders and all while wearing back-pack chairs and trucking through the sand. We felt like super heroes. I'm telling you, it was impressive. We all had a blast so it was well worth the work. 

 Zane and William are best buds and total hams. I just love our boys. Sean says Zane looks like he's rocking out like Jack Black in this photo.

Our 3 little one year old-sand eating-baby besties are so dang cute together. I finally remembered to bring baby powder to the beach to help remove sand from feet and butt cheeks. It works, it works! It really, really works!
 Indy pondering life and such...

Don't you just love Ella Bean's suit? I want one in Mommy size. 
 Indy was chasing the "eeeees" like a madman...
FYI, "Eeeee Eeeee" while pointing = "Birdies" in Indy language. 
 Thursday was Zoo day with the littles while big boys were at school. Liz finally got to see the new koala exhibit followed by Dumbo, polar bears and a baby Panda daredevil up high in the trees.    

Zane insisted on wearing rain boots even though there wasn't a cloud in the sky. He's definitely my child. His love for stripes runs deep. Atta boy.  

 Zane. Yurrrp. 

 These babies melt my Momma heart. Such a beautiful trio of toddlers.

 We stayed just long enough to tucker them out for naps. 

 After the zoo we headed to Con Pane for lunch. Remind me never to bring 6 sleepy toddlerish babies to a restaurant at nap time. It was a beautiful mess but we totally survived and dealt with it like the champs we are. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing outside rolling in the grass and riding bikes. The kids sure played hard and slept hard all week.  
In this house pants are optional. 
This looks picturesque huh? Kids on an evening bike ride through the neighborhood... Ummm, yeah. No. Brenner and Zane were fighting about who's in front. William wanted to ride fast and take off. Daysen was bumming out over the cracks in the sidewalk and Brenner even threw a full blown temper tantrum in the middle of an intersection. This people, is why bedtime is magical to Moms. 
 Friday morning we headed over to our friend Ashley's house to see her newly renovated kitchen. It. Was. B-yoooootiful! Her house is so cute and decorated just perfectly. I'm hoping she'll do a house tour on her blog because it's incredible. Mmmkay Ash?!?! Pretty please. 

After our visit we drove down to Tacos El Paisa for lunch. Liz and I keep joking about how Mexican food is our favorite food group. It really is though. I really could be happy eating it for every meal for the rest of my life. 
Friday night we had a girls night out with Steph, Kristi, Ashley, Elizabeth and yours truly at Burger Lounge. Per usual, we stayed until they closed and kicked us out. They're vanilla bean shake is my faaaaavorite. 

Saturday was our last day with Lizzy Lou plus two. We started the day early with a girls breakfast at Snooze for Carrie's birthday. Then we packed up hot dogs, drinks 
& sides and spent the whole day at Kristi's pool. 

 Sneaky Dan bailed on a group cannonball. To which Sean sprayed him with a water gun forcing him to jump in. Once again, I'm convinced men are just giant toddlers. Of note; there was a poop scare in the hot tub. Don't worry, Sean fished it out and it was some kind of fruit. Phew. 

I'm already counting down the days until the next visit. I just love the Bryants so darn much. Plus, Elizabeth is the BEST house-guest of all time. For reals. She bought us groceries, helped cook and clean and even drove us around all week in her swagger wagon. Love you, Lizzy Lou!  
The End. 


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  2. Best week!! Let's put this one on repeat mmm-kay!!