Jun 24, 2013

According to iPhone {6.24.13}

This week~Elizabeth came to visit and once again came bearing gifts. Like these insanely delicious fresh baked English muffins from LGO. We had breakfast paninis all week long. Be jealous. 
She got Zane this sweet airplane for his bike. Lizzy for the win! He loves it and thinks it's super cool to watch it spin when he rides fast. 
Indy enjoyed spending the evenings out in the front yard waiting for Pops to arrive. Pants optional. 
 We had almost every meal outside this week. It's good for my soul I tell ya. Fresh air and summer breezes just make everything better. 
 Fatty Patty snoozin' away. Man I love sleeping minions. Those glasses....I can't help myself. 
 ...like this sleeping minion. He was so excited for Superman with his Dad and brosephs. He even wore his Superman T-shirt. 

My own little Koala. 
 All the girls had cinnamon roll pancakes at Snooze to celebrate Carrie's birthday. She's one of my most favorite gals on earth and those pancakes are Ta. Die. For. 
 Boys watching funny videos. It happens lots round here. 
 Poor Zane-ee-pooh caught a bug. Don't tell him, but I I kinda love it. He turns SO sweet, cuddly and calm when he's under the weather. He's feeling all better today so back to crazy town. 
 Boys played out front while Indy yelled like cray-cray from his bedroom window. Indy gets major FOMO (fear of missing out.) 
 So then he got his sweet revenge by attacking Daddy while he was trying to get in a Sunday afternoon nap. Butt in yo face!
The End.

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