Jun 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend 2013

We drove up to Palm Desert to visit my brother Kale for Father's Day Weekend. I could sum up the whole weekend by saying, "we went in the pool", but I should probably try to think of some more interesting details as that would be lame. 

On the way there we took the winding-mountain scenic route. It was beautiful, but I wanted to barf the whole way, so we decided to take the freeway on the way home. At the scenic overlook we let the kids out to stretch their legs. There was a hot desert wind blowing and it felt wonderful. 

Kale's kiddos, Kannon and Mylee, are here for the summer from Maui and we surprised them with our weekend visit. The kids had a BLAST with their cousins. Mylee is my one-and-only niece and I get a little crazy whenever I'm around her. She lets me fix her hair and that makes my heart sing because she has the best hair ever. 
The kids basically stayed out in the backyard all weekend long. They ate breakfast, lunch & dinner out there and then swam and played from morning till night. 

No weekend at Kale's is complete without some kind of crazy contraptions to play on. He installed a slack line for kids to walk & balance on and a rope to swing on & do acrobats from. 

Love these kids...I mean, dads. 

I've said this before, but Zane is a mini Kale. I can't get over how much he reminds me of my bro. I kinda love it, but I feel sympathy for my mom. It's stressful having a daredevil child. 

Oh Kale, how I love your guts. You've always been a hero in my book. We have a special bond that I will always cherish. Thanks for the fabulous time and for feeding my family yummy food all weekend long!  
Such an awesome Father's Day weekend! I feel so incredibly blessed to have so many awesome Fathers in my life, like my Dad and Sean's Dad. There is something absolutely magical that happens to my heart though, when I see the man I love be a loving father to my children. Sean is patient, sweet, tender and fun. He teaches & inspires and calms & protects these little souls that we've been blessed with. Happy Father's Day, Sean. We love you! 


  1. Beautiful tribute, Lela! I loved hearing Daysen saying that he wanted to be "just like his Dad" and go into the Navy too! It's so cool knowing that your kids want to emulate "coolness" (or a great dad!). Nice work, all of you!

  2. Omg! that looks like such a fun time! I miss you guys! this is Alexis btw hahaha