Sep 5, 2013

Back to School 2013

 I cannot adequately express the excitement of back to school time in our house. I think my kids love it almost as much as I do. After a short six week summer, we're back in the routine. Oh you wonderful routine, how I love you and I'm so sorry I curse you at the end of the school year. 

Boys were up, dressed, fed and ready to go by 6:30...on their own. That's how much they love school. I love them. We had time to take a few pictures in their new outfits and then I took Brenner and Zane to their first day of 3rd grade and kindergarten. 

 Zane was a little emotional. Maybe just some kindergarten jitters. He's the first of my boys to get nervous. When Daysen and Brenner started kinder they totally waved me on my way before we had even found their classrooms. 
 I thought it was sweet that Zane wanted me to stay with him. He even smiled through nervous tears. 
 Once he met his teacher, Mrs. Pincus, he was 100% better and told me he was good to go!
 Lastly, I watched Daysen ride away on his bike to meet up with his friends who he'll be riding to middle school with. MIDDLE SCHOOL PEOPLE! He did great, I knew he would. He came home and told me every detail of his day. He told me what he loved and told me how he handled a difficult situation of older kids dropping F-bombs. He's awesome and I love him. 

 THEN it was just me and Indy. One kid. Just one kid at home all day. We went to the gym and went shopping and then snuggled. He took the longest nap of all time since the house was quiet. My life just got a whole lot easier. Back to School...I love you. 
The End. 

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