Aug 17, 2014

The Beez

This weekend we attended a Bodybuilding competition that our friend Christopher competed in. Christopher is one of Sean's closest bromances, and he lovingly calls him The Beez. We've been good friends with the Beesleys for almost ten years now and it's been so cool/amazing/inspiring to see him go from, "strong and fluffy" to "buff and ripped." - I typically float somewhere in the strong and fluffy phase myslef, so it's inspirational to see what some dedication, hard work and discipline can do. 

In addition to Bodybuilding, Christopher just happens to be our Bishop, father-of-four, concert pianist, prosecuting attorney and classical music virtuoso. He's an eyebrow raiser for sure! :) A bunch of friends from our church have been cheering him on and enjoying getting updates on progress throughout the journey. We all are so proud of him (and his side-kick Mary). They're such wonderful friends...I mean, family. 

 I thought I'd share some pictures and video (with his permission of course) of the competition. We have oodles of mutual friends who've been cheering him on too, and I know you've all been anxiously waiting to see. So, here ya go! 


Here's the video of his routine. Of course he chose Mozart, which was perfect for him and refreshing after all the butt-rock being played. 

Competition Day
 5 Days Out
 12 Days Out
 26 Days Out
Hey! Remember when Sean and his Christopher made that funny Buff Stuff video for our ward talent show? That was awesome. Protein rocks

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